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Voice of the Arts, Inc. -Announces-
Technology of the Arts
After over a decade of consulting under the name Voice of the Arts, Inc., we are excited to announce the establishment of a separate division, Technology of the Arts as our dba for all of our a/v design consulting, training and product sales.  Voice of the Arts, Inc. will continue to provide music, audio production and recording services.


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"Day1" is a package that is specifically designed to help churches, auditoriums, and theaters step up their level of sound excellence in an affordable, four step package:

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In just one day, we are able to perform a few hours of basic system tweaking, train your tech crew to increase mixing skills and performer interaction, then bring in the performance group, band or artist to sound-check and mix in the venue,  allowing for a real-life scenario that is focused on improving sound and collaboration.  This also gives TechArts an accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your venue's ability to perform.  With this, we follow up with a short report of observations, including recommendations for technological growth in phases with estimates on the costs of each phase ...  All for under $1000.
Give your venue a leap in excellence while getting our expertise on upgrades and solutions you can move forward with.  Call now to get it on the calender: 1-888-AUDIO-45 (888-283-4645).

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Are you happy with your current sound? Do you often think you wish you could support your tech team better and back them up with expert-level solution at an affordable price?

We’re consultants but, we also bring our clients unique designs, equipment, tools, and techniques that result in a higher level of creative excellence.

Learn more.....


Product Reviews

Franchise Dealerships

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Copyright 2009 Technology of the Arts - All Rights Reserved